boy named banjo


Boy named banjo is a Americana-roots band from Nashville, TN

barton davies - vocals, banjo, guitar
william reames - vocals, guitar, harmonica
willard logan - vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin
sam mccullough - Vocals, drums, Percussion
ford garrard - Vocals, bass

  Boy Named Banjo is creating a lot of buzz in the americana and country scenes east of the Mississippi. the nashville natives founded the group in 2011, realeasing their first album The Tanglewood Sessions at the age of 18. the group has since released its sophomore record, Long Story Short (2014), and an EP, lost on main (2015). bnb took the stage at Bonnaro0 in 2015, which led to a nomination for "Best local Band (Nashville)" By The Tennesseean.

boy named banjo is currently touring heavily, selling out shows across the eastern half of the us, and working on a new album for 2018.